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Aire Valley Chimney Sweeps

Wood Burning Stoves Installation, Fireplace Replacements and Chimney Smoke Tests

Here at Aire Valley Chimney Sweeps, we can provide an all in one job:

from chimney sweep-smoke test-servicing- installation of multi-fuel appliance. 

You do not need to get a person to do individual jobs & cost more we can carry out the whole process, saving both time and money

If you need fire place knocking out, Aire Valley Chimney Sweeps can achieve this and make it into a more traditional fireplace.


We can smoke test your chimney to see if it needs a liner, if it dosn't we don't have to fit a liner in it, SAVING you money.


Potential customers need to understand for wood burning stoves that some chimneys which are too big and wide, can be dangerous and some chimneys that are too small can be dangerous

We also provide an annual servicing on mult-fuel appliances and chimney sweeping, making sure that your chimney is safe, secure and effectively working. 

All chimneys and stoves must have an adequet air supply to work correctly and to prevent over heating of the appliance.


If wood burning stoves are not installed correctly they will not work efficantly, which produces carbon monoxide gases.


We highly recomend that any one with a wood burning stoves and multi-fuel appliances must have carbon monoxide detector. 

We have noticed that people who have installed there own multi fuel fires, are not looking at there chimneys to see if they have the right chimney pot or cowl on, which is extremely dangerous.


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For any other queries regarding chimneys or wood burning stoves, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Our services
Assess, diagnose and fully survey chimneys and flues 

Chimney commissioning, routine sweeping

Chimney installation

* Chimney repairs

* Full CCTV chimney inspection service

Log burning stove installation

Flue installations 

Flue repairs here for more info 


* Log Burning Stove sales

* Wood Burning Stove accessories here to visit showroom

Team of independant, highly professional experienced and qualified HETAS and NAC's registered engineers.

* All chimney maintenance and installation work undertaken meets all legal requirements and industry standards. 

Contact Us On:

01535 212341 

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